“The discussion on economic growth lacks a third dimension. The economy does not recognise the z-axis, the growth of that axis does not count as growth. What might a z-axis mean? Depth. Time. Standing still. Immaterial. Regeneration. Spirit. Layers. Quality. Development.”
Olavi Uusivirta 13.11.2012

What kind of Finland do we aspire to in 2030?

A model country of Northern housing and living

- Finland attracts new residents to work and study

In 2030, Finland will be a model country of Northern housing and living, where the needs of different livelihoods will have been reconciled and these will be under development in parallel. In the future, Finland will also serve as a model country, for harmonious co-existence with local traditional cultures and indigenous people in particular. Finland will be an individual, international and well-functioning Arctic region that attracts even new residents to live, study and work there. It will also offer tourists Arctic luxury, i.e. peace, nature, culture and high-quality services. Unique natural values and landscapes, combined with good information technology, will provide an interesting setting for remote work. A strong educational system will support Arctic competencies.

Finland and other Nordic countries already differ positively from other Arctic areas in the world, because we have permanent settlement and good infrastructure in the northern regions. Interest in making use of Arctic natural resources, stimulated by climate change, will make Lapland in particular an attractive living environment and development target in a new way. Since natural values will become increasingly significant, it will pay to implement industrial investments in such a way that the sensitive landscapes and ecosystems of the North remain intact.

Thanks to strong ICT, permanent residents and travellers can engage in global IT work e.g. in Lapland and jointly use other services in the area. Mining and logistics may also lead to a need for housing and travel centres for staff, while simultaneously developing the region’s infrastructure.


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