“Ownership matters, as does the location where manufacturing takes place!”
Johanna Ikäheimo 6.11.2012

What are the starting points of change?

The North will thrive on nature and logistics

In the future, the significance of the Arctic region will increase due to melting of the polar ice cap, abundant raw material resources and tourism. Opening the Northern Sea Route (Northeast Passage) will make Finland the hub of Europe’s Arctic transport and provide plenty of new business opportunities for Northern Finland. Minerals in the North will bring prosperity. Strengthening tourism in the Arctic region will be based on the wilderness landscape and nature. Industry, energy investments and land use must be reconciled with natural values, the local population and native livelihoods. Sustainable mining technology, maritime and cold expertise and Arctic construction could be success factors for Finland. Clean nature, high quality tourism services and good digital networks will attract residents and travellers to the North and help them to enjoy their stay. Lapland and the entire North, across national boundaries, may become a skilfully planned dynamic region that draws international attention in its implementation of modern sustainable development and maintenance of natural values.


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