“In a small, practically uninhabited country in the polar region, common sense balks at the idea of education cuts and decreasing competence levels in relative terms.”
Esa Suominen 25.9.2012

What kind of Finland do we aspire to in 2030?

Sustainable utilisation of nature

- Natural resources are understood broadly and are developed in harmony

In 2030, we will be able to make sustainable use of the abundant natural resources of Northern Finland, such as minerals and forest. The wilderness landscape will be one of Finland’s key natural resources and modern planning will have taken its preservation into account. In the future, the mining industry will operate on a regulated basis, using and developing environment-friendly technologies. Wood resources will be processed into bio-oil and other new products. Water resources will also be utilised and wind power will be produced on a centralised, carefully considered basis. The needs of industry and tourism will be reconciled in land use, developing various livelihoods side by side. Reindeer herding will have retained its vitality as a business. New combinations between livelihoods will also be sought, for instance disused mines will serve tourism and adventure travel.

The scarcity of raw materials is increasing the value of minerals in Finland’s bedrock, and increasing interest in mining. Finland will find it worthwhile to hold the reins in utilising natural resources and reaping the benefits of added value. Sustainable mining technology could also be converted into an export product.

Environmental technology, green mining technology in particular, is being developed in order to protect the Arctic’s natural environment. In addition, Finland could develop state-of-the-art reconciliation of natural resource management with reaping the benefits of various commercial activities. Such a model of good public administration could be exported worldwide.

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