“The public debt is paid and social services maintained with tax income generated by the private sector. Full stop! Such tax income is decreasing at a shocking rate, day by day.”
Cristina Andersson 3.11.2012

What kind of Finland do we aspire to in 2030?

Entrepreneurship is easy, appreciated and popular

- Finland’s trade balance shows a surplus and the majority of people are involved in entrepreneurial activities

In Finland, entrepreneurship will have begun to attract the interest of people of various ages from various backgrounds. Finland will provide a nurturing, stimulating basis for entrepreneurship, with new businesses continuously emerging. Entrepreneurship will be incentivised by making it more straightforward, profitable and secure in practical terms. The sectoral structure of enterprises will be diverse: production, services, knowledge and combinations of these. New enterprises will emerge in Finland at an accelerating pace, developing, growing and changing shape. Failure could become a natural part of an enterprise’s development path, while mergers will yield considerable value as part of a company’s growth. In addition to growth and export enterprises, the number of micro enterprises in Finland will be high. New business activity models will emerge, which will facilitate combining the role of entrepreneur with other sources of income.

Finland needs more business activity in every possible way, in order to gather export and tax income and improve the employment rate. Since large companies are becoming less significant in trade and industry, we need large numbers of new enterprises that become viable SMEs. The public sector has become overgrown in relation to the national economy. This means that more private sector work is needed, in order to replace public sector jobs.

Rapid changes in the global economy are creating niches in the market. Agile companies can move fast and act, even in narrow markets.

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