“Wellbeing emerges from work and, at least for the time being, industrial work forms the basis of our wellbeing."
Riku Aalto 25.10.2012

What are the starting points of change?

A quick and flexible company will succeed

In the future, Fast reacting and flexible companies will succeed in the face of intensifying competition. New, networked companies will purchase the expert services and manufacturing they need, and find the right partners for the rapid capture of markets, on a global basis. Governments will compete in enabling the best business environments and ecosystems. In the future, Finland can succeed in professionally managing selected value networks. The key factor in this is to find the best applications. Enterprises will need new competencies: the ability to combine, learn new things and lead people in the midst of change. Basic prerequisites will include competitive cost levels in each line of business, and flexibility. Finland needs an increasing number of new companies, some of which have the passion to grow globally. Micro-entrepreneurship will also flourish, once regulations hampering business are eliminated. Finland has excellent prospects of success, as soon as positive attitudes to entrepreneurship become more common.


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