“Any idea that sounds crazy now could be the Angry Birds of the 2030s.”
Petteri Järvinen 12.12.2012

What kind of Finland do we aspire to in 2030?

World’s best management of global value networks

- Finland has a global competitive edge as the owner of chosen value chains

In a few selected lines of business, Finland will have become the best in the world at managing value networks. This country will serve as a meeting point where industry, ICT and services form into new combinations. We will be able to actively encourage lines of industry to Finland by offering companies a favourable business environment on attractive terms. Skilful coordination and ownership of value networks will be a global competitive asset, which enables us to achieve a more prominent position than our size would suggest. There will be no need to invent everything ourselves in Finland – it will be more important to implement the best applications. When we are able to interpret change and choose the right partners, we will be able to take the driver’s seat.

Finland cannot be the best in the world in all lines of business. We must therefore select a few suitable sectors in which we rise to the driver’s position on a global scale. Management of value networks will enable us to grasp the greatest share, in relative terms, of financial added value.

The Internet economy is growing dramatically. Competitive edge is created based on the intelligent use of ICT in new products and services, and in the reform of traditional sectors.


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