“An existing company already has experience, the ability to function as an employer, and a functioning infrastructure. In most cases, what is lacking is the willingness to grow, the ability to take risks, and capital. However, the most important thing of all is a motivational form of appreciation, which can be the source of incredible willpower.”
Anne Berner 10.12.2012

What kind of Finland do we aspire to in 2030?

The world’s best operating environment for companies that lead the way

- Finland is a country that attracts enterprises, since it is able to change rapidly

Finland has become the world’s most attractive home for forerunners, enterprises and individuals. Companies that learn how to manage increasingly rapid change and uncertainty will succeed in the face of global competition. As information rapidly increases, learning can no longer comprise the mere absorption of new content. Finland could emerge as the model country for a new kind of learning in working life, focussing on the changes taking place at the interfaces of various sectors and on the comprehensive combination of information, leveraging of globally leading competencies and the latest technology. Finland will also develop change management, flexible mental resources, and the ability to learn and renew. Ability to distinguish the essential problems within a flow of information, and to respond quickly to the product characteristics, cost levels and business models required by the markets, will be crucial factors in the success of a company. A culture that encourages learning, world-class experts and a cost level suitable by line of business  will provide companies with a competitive edge, enticing them to build businesses in Finland.

Finland must attract investments from domestic and foreign companies. Enterprises that are able to renew themselves attract the best talents from around the world and are interesting for Finnish experts too. It pays for a small nation to focus on the competencies that yield most added value. As the world’s best educated people, we have excellent potential for developing new kinds of learning capabilities within companies.

Global competition between companies for the best experts is intensifying. Mental flexibility will also help in adapting to crisis situations and identifying new business opportunities within them.

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