Involvement of children and young people

Children and young people were involved in preparing this futures analysis report, and these pages show their future scenarios until 2030. The pictures were made at school, inspired by teachers and, at places, other experts. In addition to drawings and paintings, photos, posters and short texts were made.

Citizens, schoolchildren, businesses, civic organisations, researchers, public servants and politicians were invited to the regional events arranged during the futures analysis process. At the events, schoolchildren described their views about the future and presented their future scenarios at exhibitions, while secondary high school students participated in teamwork.

Schools that participated in the futures analysis process

University of Helsinki, Viikki Teacher Training School, primary school and upper secondary school, Helsinki
Hintta School and Laanila upper secondary school, Oulu
Lauritsala primary school and upper secondary school, Lappeenranta
Keskuskoulu school and Vaasan lyseon lukio upper secondary school, Vaasa
Luostarivuori School, Martti unit and Turun Klassikon lukio upper secondary school, Turku
Puistokoulu school and Jyväskylän Lyseon lukio upper secondary school, Jyväskylä
Tammela school and Tampere Arts-Oriented Senior Secondary School, Tampere

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