“When a country has a future, it doesn’t matter what the name of the country is or which currency it uses, or whether the sun ever shines there.”
Marylka Yoe Uusisaari 29.09.2012

What are the starting points of change?

A resilient society does well

The society of the future needs resilience, the perseverance that arises from social relations and mutual trust. A resilient society is able to cope with changes and extreme events without being paralysed. People must feel that their activities and choices make a difference. Influence enhances empowerment, a key prerequisite for feeling inclusion. The feeling of inclusion increases responsibility for oneself and the surrounding society. We must be able to apply sustainable development principles to people and communities, too: nothing and no-one is unnecessary, “goes to waste”, everyone and everything is necessary. In the future, the participation of all will be needed and even small work contributions will be necessary. Administration must become lighter and more sensitive to citizens’ needs. Opening up of public data and full-scale utilisation of digitalisation will promote the empowerment of people as actors in society, and the growth of joint knowledge capital.


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