“Finland could be the global leader in the area of old age. Older people in Finland are the wealthiest and best educated in the world. Finland also has the world’s best geriatric expertise. An ageing population will also demand completely new kinds of activities and services from the public administration.”
Alf Rehn 15.11.2012

What kind of Finland do we aspire to in 2030?

Well-to-do citizens, a meaningful life

- Finland is a top expert in the welfare society

In 2030, citizens will find their lives meaningful and valuable. The Finnish welfare society will support individuals in coping by themselves, and in communal efforts. The Finnish lifestyle will be healthy from the viewpoint of the community and environment. People will receive comprehensive healthcare, in terms of both their mental and physical health. Solutions that have proven functional in various sectors, including preventive healthcare, mental health and services for the ageing population, will be successful export products. These will be developed through smooth cooperation between the public and private sectors and organisations. The markets for welfare services and healthcare will grow in rapidly developing countries, with which Finland will be engaged in systematic cooperation.

A small nation cannot waste resources due to reduced functional ability in individuals. The Finnish welfare state forms an excellent basis for maintaining the wellbeing of citizens, allowing the utilisation of all available resources. Finland is already a role model of the good society. The transfer of economic growth in the world to developing markets in Asia, South America and Africa has created a global middle class and growing markets for welfare services. Societies are also ageing and need new solutions, for care of the elderly for example.

Finland leads the way in people-driven welfare services. Information technology is the key factor in improving productivity. A fair society promotes the nation’s resilience and its ability to recover from various crises.

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