“The ecological perspective has entered the hard core of politics. And that’s a good thing!”
Leo Stranius 5.11.2012

What are the starting points of change?

New opportunities in the midst of scarcity

In the future, Finland will enjoy high levels of expertise related to energy and material efficiency. Our strong home market for new resource efficient innovations will support the sector’s development into a global business. Various lines of business will be cooperating in minimising waste, recycling and waste recovery as energy. In the future, environmentally friendly business concepts will be utilised in exploiting renewable energy and diverse sources of raw materials. Finland will have implemented a number of extensive reforms that support a responsible way of acting. Matters are promoted through well-functioning cooperation of the public and private sectors for instance in procurement. Flexible regulation has opened up certain markets in which Finland leads the way. Finland will also partly utilise the labour input of that part of the pensioner population that is in good condition, the partially disabled, and young people facing the risk of social exclusion, in environmental duties and in complementary work in the social welfare sector.


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