“We often forget the fact that central and local government institutions are at our service. Since we pay the wages of every public servant through taxes, we should have the right to demand good administration. We are not subservient to the public administration.”
Jari Kaivo-oja 10.10.2012

What kind of Finland do we aspire to in 2030?

Finnish public administration is an attractive brand

- Finland is known for its bold public servants and innovations

In 2030, Finland and the Finnish public administration will be known for their bold public servants. The public administration will support innovation activity and even innovate on its own behalf. Public administration operating methods will have been modernised, meaning that public servants will have fewer meetings and spend more time in the field. The job descriptions of public servants will emphasise facilitatory skills, the ability to solve people’s welfare problems together with the citizens in question, and capability for further openness. The Millennium Award will include a new category, according to which the award is granted for an innovation that promotes openness.

Since the public administration must be competitive across national borders, little can be gained by aiming at the best for Finland only. Finland has a high educational level and abundant technological expertise. When digital administration is combined with a Finnish welfare society that is the envy of the world, an attractive brand will be created. This will make Finland an attractive country in which to live and do business. ICT, digitality and rapid advances in technology will provide ample opportunities for developing ‘administrative export products’.

As the focus of economic growth shifts to developing markets, decision making will, first and foremost, be steered by cost efficiency.


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