“Digital natives make no distinction between the online and offline worlds. Instead, they assume that they can conduct their business digitally, and, partly due to the world of gaming, learn to think in terms of unlimited possibilities.”
Ville Tolvanen 27.9.2012

What are the starting points of change?

Public administration that enables openness

In the future, Finland will be an exceptionally good enabler that leads the way in digital public administration. Its public administration and civic society will have been seamlessly linked, with citizens and enterprises also participating in service provision. The public administration will support and help citizens and entrepreneurs. Public services will be easily available and all information, converted into electronic format, will be accessible for citizens. Finland will renew itself flexibly through continuous testing and experimentation. Civil disobedience will be utilised positively. ICT will lighten the public administration and assist in the implementation of projects that improve people’s everyday lives. Administration based on openness will have been developed into a successful export product. The Nordic welfare state and its core values will form the basis of all this.


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