“Without an awareness that we are in crisis, there can be no willingness to make decisions.”
Vesa Puttonen 6.11.2012

What kind of Finland do we aspire to in 2030?

Individualising working life in a globalising world

- A customised career creates the ability to renew and adapt

New types of models and rules will be in use in the Finland of the future, facilitating flexible work, including in short periods. Work will be customised in accordance with age, situation in life, competence and ability to work. Paid work, studies and entrepreneurship will be easy to combine. Work will, in all cases, be financially profitable. Work will make life meaningful and people will be engaged in work in some way at all times in their lives.

In the future, employees will offer their competencies, and employers their work, in a global labour market. Work takes many forms. The structures of working life must correspond to the new way of working, with employees having several careers. Employers must invest in working conditions and a good reputation, among other factors, in order to attract employees whose skills are in special demand. Individual careers and the feeling of being in control of one's work and life, create wellbeing. The possibility to customise work in accordance with one’s personal situation in life, and one’s health, will raise the employment rate.

Labour markets are polarising into challenging expert tasks performed in a global operating environment, and local work that involves, among other tasks, food supply and medical care, waste management, cleaning, environmental management and public safety. Some areas of work, such as those related to education and health, may be partly local and partly so-called remote work. Duties involving routines which can be automated are being managed globally with the help of ICT.

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