“You must apply entrepreneur-type thinking to working life. Employees are those who keep the company afloat. People must take more responsibility for themselves.”
Eero Eloranta 3.10.2012

What kind of Finland do we aspire to in 2030?

Local work and global work in parallel

- Pleasant living in various parts of Finland

In 2030, Finland will have intelligent communities – villages or neighbourhoods. These will form a promising environment for engaging in local work or global work, independent of location. Good network and transport connections will ensure fluent connections with the world. Local production of food and energy, environmental management work and numerous local services will provide a basis for national trade and industry and pleasant living.

Differentiation of labour markets is creating more fully global expert work as well as work performed locally, often involving face-to-face interaction or practical tasks. High-competence work can often be done independently of time and place. Well-planned communities offer a pleasant living environment and financial basis for both global and local work.

Local work and local food and energy, and safety, will become increasingly important if global production logistics fail to work. Dynamic communities will keep Finland inhabited and self-sufficient, while enhancing its resilience in the case of crises.

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