“It is sheer madness to seek order in a changing, complex reality. Safety is not to be found in order, but in change itself.”
Mika Aaltonen 3.9.2012

What kind of Finland do we aspire to in 2030?

The best educational system in the world

- Learning skills for working life

In 2030, Finland will have the world’s best educational system. All teaching from early-stage onwards will function in close contact with working life. In all grades at school, pupils will learn interactive and media reading skills, self-management and expression, and practical life management and working life skills. Also skills related to the natural sciences, languages, economy and society, culture and information technology will be learned at all levels of education. The aim will be a sound basic education that supports learning and development later in life. The most important lesson will be how to learn – not forgetting the joy of learning. Online learning will introduce an international aspect to studies. At school, experimentation will be possible with various curricula. It will be possible for learners to combine formal learning at school with practical learning, for example in the workplace. On the local level, businesses are actively involved with schools, promoting young people's working life skills. No attention will be paid to the length of studies or age of graduation, because the transition from education to practical work, and vice versa between the two, will be flexible.

Finland has excellent prerequisites for developing an educational system that helps people to continuously renew themselves in working life. Success at work requires mental flexibility and good learning skills, because each person’s career could include a range of professions and positions.

Competence is a critical factor for Finland and a prerequisite for its growth. Continuous learning and application skills are needed in working life.


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